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Karen D. Lincoln Consulting Services offers unique services that meet the diverse population needs and provide a full range of applied research and evaluation services in the areas of human services, health, and education. We provide a wide range of services to meet our client’s specific needs including:

Questionnaire design

• General methodological and statistical

• Survey research and data collection
• Data processing and analysis
• Research consultation and support
• Research publication
• Cultural competency training

​​Karen D. Lincoln Consulting Services is skilled in multiple methodologies and is successful in handling sensitive topics and in providing solutions to diverse populations. We conduct all phases of survey research from questionnaire design to writing the final report. Our survey research and data collection services are cost effective and an easy way to gather feedback from your stakeholders. We provide customized survey research which is reliable, valid, timely, and relevant. We also provide consultation service for investigators, on issues such as research design, sampling and questionnaire construction.

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